Annual Art Show Returns After Covid-19 Absence


Art displayed in the show |by Brianna Devlin

Brianna Devlin, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Colors and artistic expressions filled the halls as music from the band filled the air at the 2022 Hudson High Annual Art Show.

Students displayed the art they created in various classes such as pottery, photography, architecture, and various courses in design, turning the school into an almost museum gallery.

2019 was the last time the show occurred. The art show had been a highlight every spring that showcased student talent.

This was the first reappearance of the show since the pandemic.

“I’m very excited to show everyone my art as we haven’t been able to do this for two years. As seniors, we get to have our own exhibits which I’ve always looked forward to doing so I could show what I’ve made to my family,” said senior Cyan Prather.

Many helped put that show together and help set up including all art and design teachers. The event hosted the school band which performed in the cafeteria throughout the evening.  Additionally, the school’s literary journal The Scribbler launched its newest addition and had writers read their work in the Mini Theatre.

Students of all grades participated and helped out including senior digital design student Elena Krasteva.

“My art was digital so I’m very excited that everyone gets to see it. It’s very nice to have something that I can physically touch and show other people,” she said.

Senior Emma Vannatten created various artwork such as paintings and charcoal drawings. “I feel like every time I’ve worked on a piece only my mom sees it when I get home and hangs it on the fridge so I’m very excited that everyone is able to view it now,” she said.