Ingrid de Souza Oliveira, Special to The Big Red

June 12, 2019

Unfortunately in our society there are people who have become addicted to harmful drugs. The user might not see it as an issue but perhaps the people in their lives might. It is easy to judge the addict but nobody knows why or ...

Who’s Becky Anyways?

Nicole Breton, Special to The Big Red

June 12, 2019

Pop culture has brought the existence of disabilities to the center of public attention, and it’s increasing overall public awareness for all ages. Over the last decade, Mattel, the creator of Barbie has committed to rebran...

Social Media In The Twenty First Century

Jordyn Safranski, Special to The Big Red

June 12, 2019

For the children of today, social media has become the overarching priority of our lives. If you take a look at the people around you, I would bet that more than half of them are on a cell phone. Social media can be a fun a...

Dodging the Bullet

Ally Jensen, Special to The Big Red

June 12, 2019

The average bullet travels at 2,500 feet per second(1,700 mph). The average physically active person can sprint at about 22 feet per second(15mph). Usain Bolt, a previous Olympic sprinter and gold medalist, could sprint at 41 fe...

Social Media Has Become Too Much

Rachel Frias, Special to The Big Red

June 12, 2019

It’s 6 a.m.. Your alarm clock starts its obnoxious ring until you press snooze. Barely wake, you subconsciously grab your phone and shut off the alarm. What’s the next thing you do? Immediately check Snapchat and answer your frie...

It is time for Horror films to stop using mental illness as an easy escape route

Samantha St. Pierre, Special to The Big Red

June 11, 2019

After a long day I had decided to watch the new movie Split. With high expectations since everyone hyping up the film, I was disappointed that the misrepresentation of mental illness had been overlooked by many. The antag...

Can Sixteen-Year-Olds Be Trusted to Vote?

Kelsey Sullivan, Special to The Big Red

June 11, 2019

Teenagers spend six hours a day, one hundred eighty days a year in a government-funded building but we have no say in what happens in the government. Contrary to what many teens might think, the decisions made in government have ...

Animal Lives Matter But So do Human Lives

Ana Paula Sudario, Special to The Big Red

June 11, 2019

On Sunday, I was watching the news on a Brazilian channel with my parents and on it, there was a couple that gathered money to help dogs that lived on the streets -many couldn’t even walk and were sick and malnourished. Man...

Speeding Early Development and its Effects on High School

Leah Packard, Special to The Big Red

June 11, 2019

Over the past couple decades or so it has become apparent that schools are wanting more out of the youngest of school children. This push seems like it would be extremely helpful; the earlier you know topics, the more in depth ...

Give up Little Comfort For a Better World: It’s a Start

Gabriely Alves, Special to The Big Red

June 11, 2019

There are many concerns with our environment and pollution is one of them. It is a huge problem for our planet. The things we did, are the things we need to stop doing. Humans have not been taking care of the world for sometime ...

You can’t “Solve for X” when filling out a Checkbook

Maggie Moran, Special to The Big Red

June 11, 2019

Throughout your career as a student, you have been programmed to memorize the quadratic formula. You have mastered the art of the recorder and, the role of the mitochondria has been engraved into your brain. But do you know how...

Gap Years Should be Better Accepted Everyday

Alex McDonald, Special to The Big Red

June 11, 2019

Colleges and universities are becoming more and more competitive. There is an enormous pressure put into students to do well in high school, and then go right to college in modern society, both from schools and parents themse...