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2022-2023 Staff

Managing Editor

Olivia Downin

Olivia Downin, junior, is taking Journalism for her second time. This year, she has been named our Managing Editor after taking on the role of a Staff Writer just last year. Downin says she is excited to take on her new leadership ...

Head Photographer

Ella Spuria

Ella Spuria, sophomore, is taking journalism for the second year in a row. Spuria has returned to the Big Red as this year's Head Photographer. Spuria is taking the class mainly because she loves the fast-paced news world. Afte...

Staff Writer Savannah Smith |by Ella Spuria
Staff Writer

Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith, freshman, is a first-year journalism student. Smith chose to take journalism because she wanted to grow her skills as a writer. Smith is hoping to learn how to write in more detail about the topic she cares about...

Staff Writer Alex Cutler |by Ella Spuria
Staff Writer

Alex Cutler

Brooke Cutler, a freshman at HHS has never worked on the Big Red until now and is enjoying her time here so far. Brooke decided to take journalism to learn more about photography as she has enjoyed doing it before in her free tim...

Anthony Roman
Staff Writer

Anthony Roman

Anthony Roman, a freshman, is in his first year of journalism and The Big Red. He took journalism because he had the teacher, Ms. Paton, last year and he really enjoyed the class with her. Another reason Roman decided on the cou...

Staff Writer Hailey Donaldson |by Ella Spuria
Staff Writer

Hailey Donaldson

Hailey Donaldson is a freshman at Hudson High. She is taking journalism this year because she would like to get more comfortable with talking to people and her social skills in general. She is into photography. She likes Hudson H...

Staff Writer Treson Meuse |by Ella Spuria
Staff Writer

Treson Meuse

Treson Meuse, a freshman, is a first year journalism student. He took this class because he enjoys photography and interviewing people. He likes to interview people so he can get to know them. Meuse’s hopes to interview more people ...

Staff Writer Alessandra Burnett |by Ella Spuria
Staff Writer

Alessandra Burnett

Alessandra Burnett, freshman, is a first year reporter for the Big Red. Burnett chose to take journalism so she could become a better writer. Burnett’s favorite topic to cover would be sports. Burnett plans to use the skills...

Staff Writer Bridget OKeefe |by Ella Spuria
Staff Writer

Bridget O’Keefe

Bridget O’Keefe, is a freshman and this is her first time working on Big Red Journalism. She wanted to take Journalism because she thought it would be challenging and fun. Bridget hopes to improve her writing skills and on her i...

Staff Writer Jason Ford |by Ella Spuria
Staff Writer

Jason Ford

Jason Ford, a sophomore, is a first-year reporter for The Big Red. Ford decided to take journalism this year because he wants to be more informed about events happening around the school. In the future, he is interested in hav...

Daniel Rodrigues
Staff Writer

Daniel Rodrigues

Daniel Rodrigues is a freshman at Hudson High School. This is his first year taking Journalism, he took this class because he had no other choices for electives in school. His favorite subject in school is his G block Wellness ...

Faculty Advisor Ms. Jacqueline Paton |by Ella Spuria
Faculty Advisor

Jacqueline Paton

Jacqueline Paton enters her fifth year as the advisor to The Big Red. Paton wrote for The Berkshire Eagle and The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, writing local news and feature stories before she began teaching. The Pittsfield n...

Avani Kashalikar

Avani Kashalikar

Junior Avani Kashalikar is a third-year journalist and the Editor-in-Chief for The Big Red Hawks. She’s always had an interest in journalism and writing. She first took journalism in her freshmen year and has continued writing ...

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