The Saga of Maia Gaga


Marcos Godoy and friends shoot footage for his video |photo provided by Marcos Godoy

Dylon Medeiros, Staff Writer

“Maia Gaga” music videos have been gracing the screens of the Hudson High community following Wednesday Morning Lights.  

Marcos Godoy is the creative mind behind what he calls the Maia Gaga Saga.

He was inspired by “the dullness of quarantine,” Godoy said.

Another huge inspiration was Lady Gaga, the person who Maia Gaga is based off of and one of Godoy’s’ favorite artists. Wanting to explore an important theme, he focused on the glorification of celebrities. 

In his second music video, Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, Maia Gaga is meant to represent the narcissism that can often be found in celebrities. She is followed around by loving fans who praise her and put her on a pedestal in order to represent fame’s effect on people through a more comical lens.

“Life can be comical,” Godoy said.

As well as this, Godoy’s first music video, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, touches on themes of friendship and betrayal, something he thinks many people at this school can relate to.

The best part about making these videos, for Godoy, is immersing himself and others inside a story. He loves both fantasy and pop culture and finds both of them important.

“Pop is fantasy,” he said, “and fantasy is pop.”

Developing a connection with his story and the characters within it, as well as exploring real themes through his work, is what Godoy loves most about making these music videos. 

However, this is Godoy’s first time making music videos. It was quarantine that pushed him to finally do so, as he prioritizes fun the most.

“Fun is important,” said Godoy. While talking about very real topics is important to him, Godoy wanted to have fun and explore these themes through a lighthearted lens. 

When asked if he would continue making music videos, his answer was a definite “yes.” There will be one more music video in the Maia Gaga Saga, the third in his trilogy. “It will surprise everyone,” he said. 

Godoy even wants to explore much more themes in the coming years. He hopes to make more music videos next year and to create new stories.

“Tragedy and comedy can intertwine,” said Godoy, and he strives to make music videos that connect the two.

Aside from the obstacles presented by the pandemic, which Godoy says he and his crew have worked around, he has found no challenges in the production of these music videos. It’s harder for Godoy to have an idea and hold it in, he says.

According to Godoy, these music videos have gotten mostly positive responses, which he is very grateful for. His friends have said many good things, but people he isn’t as close to have also responded in a similar way.

Godoy has also heard more “negative responses,” as he said, to his videos. However, he made it apparent that these remarks do not bother him. “You can’t embarrass someone who isn’t embarrassed,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Godoy was asked what’s coming next for the Maia Gaga Saga. “Who knows?” he said. “Knowing Maia Gaga, she never gives up.”