2019 Art Show


Assemblage art by beginning art students |by Carra Flood

Carra Flood, Staff Writer


Hudson High School displays numerous pieces of artwork, both visual art, and literature, during the annual art show for parents, students and staff to see.

Hudson High has been doing the art show for decades and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Many students in Hudson High are involved in the art program and many students show their work in the show, so the art show is typically filled with multitudes of interesting pieces.

“A year’s worth of work from an abundance of classes [is used],” art teacher Erin Jameson said, “It takes three full days and lots of student support to hang the show.”

In the past, teachers used to be able to sub out to dedicate full time to the production of the art show. A few years ago, it was decided that subs were no longer needed for the art show.

“We used to have subs on set up days, but we have effectively managed having our students participate in the set up of the show. One of the standards in the National Frameworks for the Visual and Media Arts, is to show proficiency in showcasing work, so it works out,” explained Jameson. “Numerous people [help out]. I don’t think we have ever counted.”

“Teachers and students all help in trying to make the art show the best it can be,” another art teacher here at Hudson High, Jenna Johnson stated.

The art show also featured The Scribbler, a portion of the art show that displays people’s creative writing skills.

“It started as a 9th-grade reading and writing workshop project … it gave them a taste of what the publication of a journal would be like,” English teacher Carol Hobbs said, who advises The Scribbler. “It’s not just something they wrote for themselves or something they wrote for a class, it’s something they wrote and is read by a much wider audience.”

Between art and writing, many students alike love sharing their passions with friends, family, and people who also share the same passion.

Kristine Young, a senior who had a display in the art show explained, “I have spent years doing art and have only gotten better because of the crazy amount of time I dedicated to it. ”

Gabie Flood, a helper in setting up the art show and had work hanging up in the art show stated, “Helping with the art show is very fun, especially when it’s your own work you’re hanging up, too.”

Many people always offer to volunteer each year. This year an abundance of students and faculty helped with the week-long process. Although the art show takes a bit of time to set up, the art show is always done on time and looks absolutely amazing.

Hobbs ended her statement saying, “It gives kids an opportunity to have their voices put out into the world which is a much bigger place to speak.”

Students echo this idea.

“It’s very gratifying to be able to display my artwork in the art show,” Young explained, “We’ve all spent a lot of time and energy on our work and it feels really great to be able to show everyone else what we have been doing all year.”