Staying Alive: Senior Assassin

Staying Alive: Senior Assassin

Senior Assassin has become a staple end-of-year activity for many High School seniors. The popular survival elimination game has the goal of being the last one standing. The game is broken up into week-long rounds, in each round you get a target that you have to eliminate by the end of the week to stay alive. Simultaneously you are being hunted and have to evade your assassin either until the end of the round or until they are eliminated. Players are eliminated by being sprayed by their assassin. 

HHS had 50+ participants signed up originally with a total prize pool of $250. But this year seniors put a twist on the game. For round 2 alone a buyback is being offered for both players who were eliminated in the first round and players who were not able to eliminate their target. Students who buy back will have to pay an additional $10-$15. A $10 fee will be charged to players who got eliminated in round 1 or players who did not participate in round 1. A $15 fee will be charged to players who didn’t eliminate their targets in round 1.

Although Senior Assassin is a game played 24/7 there are some safe areas.  These areas include,

-Places of worship 

-While someone is clocked in at work or leaving

-Inside someone’s house unless a player is invited in 

-Senior events 

-Away sports games and busses for the sporting events 

Although Senior Assissian Is meant to be a lighthearted game it can turn dangerous fast. For example, Exeter Police just released a statement saying

“A major concern is that participants of the game will present as suspicious or armed persons, or as causing suspicious activity to third persons that may prompt a civilian self-defense reaction and/or a police response,”

Make sure to not overstep boundaries and alert people around you that you are participating in a game rather than suspicious or threatening activity.

Players of Senior Assassin use many strategies to set themselves up for success, not just to have a fair game, but avoid serious consequences. Many areas across the country have had run-ins with the police when neighbors have reported suspicious activity and even car accidents during the game.

A student playing the game sparked confusion and controversy in Braintree last week, when police were searching for a suspect on the run from a traffic stop in nearby Brockton.

Braintree Police said a report of a person hiding behind a shed was met with a heavy police response.

“It was found that the person hiding behind the shed was playing Senior Assassin,” police said.

Police have said the water guns may resemble real weapons. They urge families to discuss the potential consequences of the game with their children.

“Our collective fear is that something tragic may result,” Braintree Police said.

With that in mind, here are some tips:


Keep your family in the loop: Keep your family in the loop so they can be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and so they can help you evade your assassin. Also keeping your family informed is good so don’t accidentally invite your assassin into your house not knowing about the game.

Be vigilant: Anyone could be your assassin even your closest friends, so make sure not to put too much trust into anyone because you could be stabbed in the back at any moment. Also be aware of your surroundings because your assassin could be waiting to jump at you from anywhere like behind a bush, next to a car, or even in your very own closet 😉

Make alliances (at your own risk): Although making alliances puts you at risk of elimination they can also be very helpful and make the hunting process more efficient, easy, and an overall more fun experience. Having an alliance allows you to strategize your eliminations and surround your target for easier eliminations. If you choose to ally always be careful about who you trust and how much you trust them. 


Leave your location on If you leave your location on, anyone can see where you are at all times of the day. This leaves you extremely vulnerable to your assassin and anyone who is aligned with them. Leaving your location puts you at a severe disadvantage in the game and a high likelihood of being eliminated.

Leave your house or safe zones more than you need to: Always remember that you are constantly being hunted and that you could be ambushed at any time. Each trip outside of your house or any safe zone is a risk that may cost you the game. So hold off on your daily Dunkin run until the game is over and stay safe out there.

Expose your target: If you tell people who your target is word will spread and your element of surprise will be gone. If your target doesn’t know who you are it will be much easier to sneak up on them, but if they know who you are they will be on the lookout and make sure to stay away from you.


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