Artist of the week: Samantha Whitters

Magic of Dusk, by Samantha drawn July 28, 2011. View the full version here,

The Whispering Snow By Samantha drawn Nov 10, 2011.

Samantha Whitters, a 2011 graduate of  Hudson High School, is currently attending Curry College, where she is majoring in graphic design.  She has always been an artist.

Q: When did you first start drawing?
A:Since I can remember. It’s something I grew up with naturally. I was given a pencil and paper, and I drew.

Q:What did you start off drawing, and why did you draw that?
A: Well I started off drawing yoshis and neopets, just because I adored them. They always looked too human though, so I think that’s how I transitioned so easily. I think I always wanted to draw people the most, because they seemed so complex, so challenging. So as a beginner, I avoided the people and stuck with my cutesy creatures.

Q: Are there any people who have inspired you?
A: Too many to name! I’d have to say though that it was my mother who was my initial inspiration. I was proud to have an artist as a mom, and I wanted to be just like her as a kid.

Isolate Beauty by Samantha done July 26, 2011.

Q:Do you think drawing has helped you when growing up?
A:Absolutely. Drawing for me isn’t just lines on paper; it’s a form of meditation. Through pictures I can express who I am and how I think. I can just release my stress, my worries, my happiness, anything that I feel into my art.

Q:Do you think that your art impacts other people? Is there any emotion that your drawings often show?
A: I’m not sure if my drawings impact people, but I hope they do. I guess it’s not the same for

Magic of Dusk by Samantha drawn July 28, 2011.

everyone. I think my favorite emotion in art is a bittersweet or nostalgic feeling; therefore, it pops up a lot in my art.

Q:What is your dream drawing?
A: Well, I’m probably not the only artist who’d say that the original idea looks nothing like the product. In my mind I see these scenes that I want to draw, and when I draw them, they only come close to a fraction of what I envisioned. My dream drawing is to draw something exactly as I imagined.

Q:Any closing statements?
A: To all those artists out there: don’t ever hide your art. Even if you don’t think you’re very good, art isn’t about perfection. The more mistakes you make, the more you have the ability to improve. And when you can point out the mistakes you overlooked in the beginning it’s all worth it, because that’s the sign that you’ve grown.

Samantha has been drawing for many years and is hopeful to one day be featured in a museum. She will be working towards her goal with her college degree. You can check out more of her work here,