Hudson Wins America’s Main Streets Contest


Painting of the Hudson Rotary from alumnus Kristine Young. | The Big Red file photo

Avani Kashalikar, Managing Editor

On December 20, 2021, Independent We Stand identified Hudson Ma as the winner of this year’s “America’s Main Streets” contest. The winner receives $25,000.Hudson’s win was thanks to the Hudson Downtown Business Improvement District along with the Hudson Business Association and the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Hudson first became a town in 1866, however, the buildings we know and love today were built after a fire destroyed about 40 buildings in 1894.
These same buildings are home to the ever-growing businesses of Hudson.
One of these businesses is the Rail Trail, which is where sophomore Sofia Oliviera works.
“It felt really good, especially because we all worked so hard to achieve our goal and make Hudson hit the map,” she said. “I think it will be big for us, and maybe we can even make some new additions to our community in the future.”
“When people hear the name Hudson, they usually have no idea where it is even if they’re from Massachusett.” She continued, “I think this will benefit the community a lot because I feel like people will want to visit our town more and see what downtown really is.”
To raise awareness about the competition, sophomore Abbie Becker created a video that was featured on Friday Morning Lights.
“My main goal was to spread the word about the small businesses and how they got started.” She continued, “I think that’s the coolest part about living in Hudson. Everything is always connected.”
Becker mentioned that she didn’t think she had a big impact on the outcome. “I just like to make videos and have fun with it… I made the video to support people that are struggling.”
The small businesses of Hudson are commonplace to find people.
“I know for me and my friends, when the weather’s nice, it’s our go-to spot. You’ll always catch us at New City, Cafe 641, or the Bagel Factory,” Oliviera said.
The community is what really made the difference. “The community came together and helped decorate downtown… It’s gorgeous.” Becker said. She attributed the win to the community.
“I know on social media it really brought everyone together and it was truly big news seeing that we actually did it.”
Becker concluded, “Hudson is just a community that fits so well together.”