I’m Tired

|Provided by Unslash.com
|Provided by Unslash.com

I’m tired. 

I think most of us can agree with that. I’m tired because it’s cold, and having the energy to go about my daily life when the temperature dips below freezing is difficult.

I’m tired because after spending months on my college applications, I went right into midterms and am now trying to stay afloat with my work. My friends are tired because of the same reason.

I’m tired because, at this point, seniors don’t have any events to look forward to. We have nothing to mark our calendars with until senior week; nothing that makes us feel like seniors.

I’m tired and all I want is to spend an extra hour sleeping, an extra hour in the morning to spend time with my dogs, and start my day on the right track.

We are almost at the end, even if it feels like graduation is years away. We just have to hold on and do our best. Even if it feels like the world is going crazy.

It’s not a complaint, this tiredness. It’s a shared sentiment. Something we feel collectively as we drag ourselves out of bed and start to get ready even when all we want to do is get even just 10 more minutes of sleep.

At this point in the year, there is an odd lull. Before we are bombarded with scholarships, then AP exams, and then suddenly it will be graduation. But for now, it is the cold, bleak days of winter where the tiredness creeps in at every moment.

As we seniors spend our last couple of months together, we share our tiredness.


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