In Case you Missed it…April 3-April 6

The Big Red reporters comb through the news of the week to present you with five news stories you may have missed or want to learn more about. Our criteria for selecting these pieces weekly are finding stories that cover the environment, the economy, sports/pop culture and a piece of good news. 


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Competition to make clean hydrogen energy is on. Fossil fuels have been one of the most popular sources of energy for powering vehicles for decades, but the Biden administration is looking to use hydrogen to fuel vehicles and generate electricity, and combat global warming. The administration is offering $8 billion to encourage the nation’s industries, engineers, and planners to figure out how to produce and deliver clean hydrogen. This could help stop fossil fuel emissions, but there is the question of whether or not we will be able to produce enough clean hydrogen to meet demand. If not, it could be as much of a problem if not worse for global warming. If you want to learn more, read here:


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When the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates with the intention of slowing inflation it didn’t quite do the trick. Is recession next? Read more about the mixed signals the US economy is sending.


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**Update** Since this article was published, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted 4-0 against gambling on the marathon** DraftKings, the Boston-based sports wagering platform, petitions state regulators to allow customers to bet on the outcome of the upcoming Boston Marathon. If granted permission to do so, DraftKings would accept wagers from states including Kansas, Oregon, and Wyoming. DraftKings requests offering the top 20 men and women professional winners and the winning time for men and women for wagering.


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Florida recently created a bill that aims to restrict how, what, and when health and sex education is taught in the state’s public schools; critics are calling it the ‘Don’t say period’ bill. If signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis, the measure would take effect across Florida on July 1. Florida Is one of many states that limits don’t require, or even allow sex education in schools. Read this article to learn more: 

Good News

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Two hardcore Taylor Swift fans, René Hurtado and Max Bochman, got married during an Eras Tour Arizona concert. When Hurtado first heard that Swift was going to be performing ‘invisible string’ during her concert, Hurtado knew right away that she wanted to get married while the song was playing. After first hearing Hurtado’s idea, Bochman was skeptical, but eventually agreed to it. The couple plans to still have a more formal wedding at a later date.