A Year of Firsts

Senior Olivia Bower Reflects on her Years as an Athlete


Alex Cutler, Staff Writer

Before any of her hockey and field hockey games, Olivia Bower can be found sitting in the same spot in the locker room with earbuds in, blasting “Starships” by Nicki Minaj to get dialed into the right headspace for the game. 

Bower first started playing ice hockey when she was eight years old, She started field hockey when she was older at 13. “When I first started field hockey in 8th grade I was pulled up to varsity my first year ever playing that sport,” Bower explains.

This year the Hudson field hockey team got into playoffs for the first time in ten years. She was a great factor in the team as a whole by scoring the most goals in the season.

“It was nice to contribute to a winning team and be able to end up on a good season for my senior year,” said Bower

A year of firsts was the running theme for Bower’s senior year of field hockey. This was her first time being a team captain as well as the first time making it to playoffs.

But when it comes to ice hockey, she’s a seasoned athlete. This is her second season of being an ice hockey captain. As a captain one has to be a leader for the team, and Bower has shown a great natural talent for this position. 

“Feels like an honor being able to be looked up to by everyone on the team,” said Bower.

During her freshman year, Bower joined the co-op Algonquin High School Hockey team. She was excited to be a part of the team.

“Playing high school hockey has been an awesome experience,” said Bower.

Last year the co-op Algonquin Hockey team won states for the first time in many years. Bower, being a part of that team, reflects on the win.

“It was an amazing feeling; a feeling that just went by in a blur when we won,” Bower continued, “A moment that I still can’t quite remember because it was so surreal.”

During the previous hockey season, Bower was scouted by Rivier University, but she ultimately decided to commit to Assumption University instead.

“I chose Assumption because I loved the campus and there were more opportunities available at Assumption than Rivier,” said Bower.  

Even though Bower is leaving her hometown in less than a year, she is excited about the new adventures college is willing to offer. Her hopes for the future are to have a good time and just get through college then get a teaching job and be successful.

“I am nervous to start a new chapter in my life after living the same lifestyle for so long but I am excited about the change and to experience new opportunities,” said Bower.