The Face of Hudson High

Michelle Shekelton |HHS file photo

Michelle Shekelton |HHS file photo

Savannah Smith, Staff Writer

The friendliest face students see as they walk in the doors of Hudson High is that of Michelle Shekleton.  

The Hudson native grew up here and continues to raise her family in the same schools she attended. Shekleton started off her education at Hubert kindergarten. Soon after, she attended Forest Avenue Elementary School, followed by JFK Middle School then later graduated from Hudson High in 1993.

While Shekleton has only manned the front desk at Hudson High for the last five years, she has worked in education for the last 24. Starting her career in education, Shekleton worked with students in elementary school for ten years then later moved on to preschool school for eight years. 

Towards the end of her preschool tenure, her daughter was ready to start attending kindergarten. This led Shekleton to look for positions to line up with her daughter’s schedule, since directing a preschool could not accommodate that. 

“I wanted to step away from teaching and do something a little different and the front office happened to be open and it was perfect,” Shekleton explained.

Shekelton and her family | provided by Shekelton

When students arrive at Hudson High, she deeply enjoys being able to have a conversation with students to start off their day on a good note. 

“One thing I really like is some kids just need a ‘hello’ and a ‘good morning’. They may not get that at home or they could be having a bad morning and they just need someone to say it’s going to be okay, it will be a good morning, you’re going to be okay today.” 

While she loves her position in the front office there can be downsides.

“One of my least favorite things about working at the front desk is when the kids get in trouble and they come down and they are very disrespectful.”

If she could change one thing about it is the sound she constantly hears in the morning.

“If I could change something it would maybe be the doorbell. I hate the doorbell. I honestly hate listening to it but there’s nothing I can do about it,” Shekleton explained with laughter. 

At the end of the day, being able to come back to Hudson to work has brought back many great memories for Shekleton. 

“It was very exciting to come back to the district,” Shekleton said.

Though there are some days when Shekleton misses teaching, she loves being able to still interact with students that come to say hello or bring the daily attendance down to her desk. 

“I really enjoy working with the students,” Shekleton says.