Red Sea Highlights 2022


Ella Spuria

Halloween Game (10/28) |by Ella Spuria

Ella Spuria, Head Photographer

This season, our Varsity Football team has taken their league by storm. They havent lost a single game, 8-0, ranking them at the top of their league. And this Friday (11/4), they take on Swampscott for their first round of playoffs.

But the players on the field arent the only H.H.S. students pulling through this year. Our student section, The Red Sea, doesnt disappoint. This years leaders Mikey DiCarlo, Gracie Giorgio, Maddie Kiley, Bobby Long, Grayson Macdonald, Ryan Moreira, and Lucas Pessoni, have led the fun. From cornstarch throws, to Halftime Haircuts, here are some highlights from the stands.