Trivia Night


Trivia Night | photo provided by Ms. Porter

Katelyn Sarkis, Staff Writer

Interact Club hosted a Trivia Night at Hudson High School on Wednesday, May 25th. 

By hosting Trivia Night, Interact Club continued their tradition.

“Interact has been doing trivia night for a couple years now so it’s tradition,” said Interact Club member Thuy-Tien Nguyen.

Participants were able to split into teams with up to 6 people. The cost was $5 per person or $24 for a group of 6 people. The money raised at Trivia Night is for a program called Fresh Start.

“It’s a program that helps low income or struggling families get situated into a new living space. So they provide basic furniture, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and some blankets too. Basically everything that a family would need to be comfortable in a home,” said Nguyen. 

The event included many students and some staff who participated.

“Trivia Night went really well and there were around 45 people there,” said Interact Club member Thuy-Tien Nguyen.

By participating in Trivia Night, you could win prizes while also helping raise money for Fresh Start.

“We were able to raise over $250 for Fresh Start,” said Nguyen.