Flu Ravages its way through Joseph L. Mulready Elementary School


photo credit: Mulready Elementary Home and School Facebook photo

Veronica Mildish, Editor in Chief

123 students were absent from J. L. Mulready Elementary School on Wednesday, January 14th.

This number has continuously increased since students had returned from break.

“On an average day, 7-15 students are absent,” Principal Kelly Sardella responded in an email, “Last Thursday, we had 30 absent and on Friday we were up to 53 (20%).”

Numbers continue to rise as the flu continues to spread.

“When parents call in, we ask them why they (the students) are out,” Sardella said, “The majority is saying Type B flu.”

Some students are out with a fever or from vomiting, but seven of the absent students have been confirmed to have flu Type B

“Of the 110 kids who did not attend (on Tuesday), only 3 did not attend due to a different (non-sick) reason,” Sardella explained.

Freshman Camilla Miranda expressed concern, “I’m afraid it will start effecting the high school and other schools.”

A letter from Superintendent Dr. Marco Rodrigues said sanitizing is underway at the school including, “wiping off all critical surfaces (desks, chairs doorknobs, etc.) steam cleaning all possible surface areas.”

At press time, the superintendent said there are no plans to close the school.

Though the flu Type B isn’t targeted by the flu shot having your flu shot can reduce the severity of the symptoms that may come with the flu.

Health care providers are reminding people to consistently wash their hands, avoid contact with those who may be affected, and if you start to experience symptoms to see a doctor immediately as some treatments are only affected in the first 72 hours of contraction.