Covid-19 Cases Rise Disrupts Return After Vacation


Brianna Devlin

Students wait for a few more peers to arrive to class. Many students and staff have been absent as the week has progress | by Brianna Devlin

Avani Kashalikar, Managing Editor

The recent surge of positive Covid-19  cases has resulted in an increase in absences among students and staff.

The latest available data from the Hudson Department of Health published on December 31 noted an additional 559 cases in the month of December. These numbers do not include at-home test data.

Data for January 1 through today, January 6 is pending and The Big Red will update when those numbers are available.

This increase has affected many students as they returned from December vacation.
“Every direction I look I have a close contact,” said junior Sydnie Penney
“So many people are getting it…people that I personally know,” said sophomore Marley Wallingford said,
This new rise in cases has affected students in many ways.
Sophomore Wyatt Cutler said, “My hockey team got shut down until the 10th.”
“My friend who goes to Framingham had winter sports postponed for two weeks” Wallingford continued. “I don’t want Hudson to have to do that.”
While winter sports have not been shut down, spectators at various sporting events have been limited to “The parents and immediate household members of players on the teams competing in a game. Admission to all other fans will not be permitted until further notice including members of the student body,” according to the HHS Round Robin Newsletter.
This restriction has not been completely welcomed by everyone.
Sophomore Ashleigh Fahey said, “We are never allowed to do anything anymore, just homework. That’s why kids are acting out.”
Wallingford concluded, “It’s weird because I think everyone thought it was getting better and here it is.”