The Meaning of Family

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Avani Kashalikar, Managing Editor

As December break comes closer and closer every day, students are excited for a well-deserved break and a chance to see their families.
But for Hudson High School students, family means many different things.
For some, it was about comfort.
“I would define family as the people that I can feel the most comfortable around,” 8th grader Rylie Nelson said.
Senior Emma Keledjian agreed with this statement. “Family is the people who make me most comfortable.”
Others mentioned how family is the people that are always there for you.
Junior Ian Ludlem said that family is “the people you can go to for your needs, whether that is emotional or having a good time”.
Freshman Alex McDowell said it is, “the people who I can always rely on, the ones who will keep me safe, and who will help me to become the best version of myself.”
Nelson stated that family is, “people that I can always go to with anything, and the people that will always be there for me through everything,”
However, it is not just about what the people you love do for you.
“I would do anything for them [family],” Keledjian commented.
Family means a lot to many people. “My family is everything to me. They’re my backbone. I can always rely on them whether it’s a favor, or just wanting to talk to someone,” Sophomore Nicky Jensen said.
McDowell said, “My family is my everything and I am very thankful for each and every one of them.”
Many agreed that family was their home.
“Family is the most important part of my life because my family is my home and the people that I can always be myself with,” Nelson said.
In all, it was agreed upon that family is not related simply by blood.
Ludlem said, “You can have families that are not genetically related to you.”
“Family is not just about who I am related to, like my amazing support system, which are my parents or my superhero sister who I look up to, but the connection with a team, or friends, or classmates, who share the same goals or values.” McDowell continued, “These people are the ones I value most.”
Overall, one thing was agreed upon.
Jensen said, “Without my family, I wouldn’t be half of the person I am today.”


From all of us at The Big Red, no matter how you define family, may you and yours have a joyous holiday season! We will see you in 2022.