Give up Little Comfort For a Better World: It’s a Start

Gabriely Alves, Special to The Big Red

There are many concerns with our environment and pollution is one of them. It is a huge problem for our planet. The things we did, are the things we need to stop doing. Humans have not been taking care of the world for sometime and now that we see the damage we can’t just turn away and do nothing.

Many organizations already help the environment and are making a difference. They’re cleaning the oceans, beaches, the ground we walk on, and the air we breathe in.

As part of the population, the minimum that we do is enough and we should care to do it. One easy way to do this is refrain from using plastic straws and all plastics. These products should be banned from all food business for the best of the world.

Plastic is a danger to every living things; not just turtles in the ocean, which the popular (and important, of course) concern right now. Plastic, such as straws, are not the only things that end up in the ocean. But it is the biggest concern because it is a material that does not decompose with water or by itself in a short time. It takes hundreds of years.

Therefore, it is a danger to the animals because many might be coming into extinction. More than 100 million mammals are being killed by our pollution and if we don’t do anything about it we are going to definitely be the cause of the extinctions (OneGreenPlanet).

Numerous people claim they love animals but many of the same people are not willing to let go of minimum comfort. What about the comfort of the so called ‘loved animals’ that are being highly affected? If people don’t think about that, though, maybe they’re selfish enough to care more about the air they breathe.

12% of plastic gets burned up in incinerators releasing chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, dioxins and particulates (Business Insider). They cause respiratory ailments and stress human immune systems (MIT).

Making the use of plastic only prejudicates yourself because you are the one giving money to the companies and you are the one who is producing these chemicals. Getting rid of the use of straws is an easy way to help your environment and it doesn’t hurt you.

It might not be much now but banning this, is a start.

As the Plastic Pollution Coalition CEO Dianna Cohen told Business Insider, “We look at straws as one of the gateway issues to help people start thinking about the global plastic pollution problem.”

If this is enough to get people to think about pollution then we’re one step towards success.

Plastic straws should be banned because it will only do better for the world. It only benefits us. Some people complain that they are not being provided straws in food places but it’s better to have to ask for it than to be given when you are not even going to use it and will only deposit on the ground to pollute the earth and prejudicate lives.