Exit Polls of the Finalist Forum

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Students, staff, and administrators participated in forums with each of the three finalists for principal at Hudson High on Thursday. Below are the results from the student exit poll as well as the staff exit poll. Participation in the poll was voluntary and these results reflect only those who attended the forum and chose to participate in the poll. Students were asked to select which candidate impressed them the most. Staff were asked which candidate felt like a good fit for HHS.

77.8% of students who attended the Principal Forum and participated in the exit poll were most impressed with Rick Arena while 22.2% were most impressed with Colleen Flynn. Medeiros was a second choice for many of the students surveyed.

78.6% of the staff who attended the forum and participated in the exit poll felt that Jason Medeiros was a good fit for Hudson High, followed by Flynn with 14.3%, and Arena with 3.6%. 3.6% of the staff surveyed felt none of the candidates would be a good fit for HHS.