Varsity Tennis v.s. Clinton

Ella Spuria, Head Photographer

Tapping into our Tennis Team last Friday (4/14), our girls faced Clinton for their 6th match of the season. Leading them through the matches is Captains Janie Brunelle and Sophie Charbonneau, two sophomores. Both of them are hopeful for the season ahead.

This year, the team has brought many new players to the table. Captain Brunelle said the goal is to rebuild the team for the upcoming seasons.

“This season we have created a really close group,” claimed Captain Brunelle, whose returning for her third year. “We continue to improve with each practice.”

Captain Charbonneau shared the same hopes, “We are having a lot of fun this year. I’m proud of how much we have improved already.”

“It was a difficult match,” said Brunelle, “but an even one. We went into a tie-breaker 2 times, but it just showed how we were able to outlast our opponents and work together.”

If you want to see some of the highlights from the intense match, check out the photos below. Tune into their next home game Thursday (4/27).