Seniors React to Senior Week Event Line-up


Seniors gather at a student initiated senior sunset | Photo Courtesy of Emily Figuerido

Sarah Marshall, Staff Writer

With graduation just around the corner, the schedule for senior week events leading up to it has recently been released. The line-up includes a Field Day, Baccalaureate Ceremony, Scholarship and Awards night, and Senior Reception. 

Many were pleased with the news of a Field Day, where seniors will be able to spend time together playing outdoor games. When asked what event he was most looking forward to, Hunter O’Connor responded with Field Day because “it seems the most fun.”

“I didn’t hear anything about a field day before the calendar was sent out, but that was a fun surprise,” Melody Uribe said.

“We haven’t had one in forever, and I can’t wait to be able to play ultimate frisbee or Nuke ‘Em or any other games,” Anthony Burnett said.

Class President Maia Frias also expressed her excitement for Field Day. “It is super low stress, for both us planning and the students attending,” Frias said. “It also is going to play out very similar to field days we all had in elementary school, which I think is very nostalgic and fun!”

Seniors also expressed their excitement to attend the Baccalaureate Ceremony. Dania Mael said that she is excited to “see the slideshow and everyone’s talents.”

“It’s nice to get something that we should be getting either way,” Burnett said, although he also expressed it “is definitely going to be sad, as there’s going to be so many memories.” 

While there is excitement surrounding the Baccalaureate ceremony, some seniors were upset by the guidelines for the event. Class Secretary Eleanor Calandra said that she was discouraged that there are “no parents at baccalaureate.”

Molly Fahey expressed that she is also “not a fan that parents have to watch events from home.” 

“It just feels a little weird to not have them there for these big end of year events,” Fahey expressed, although she also said “I totally understand the need to be Covid safe and keep everyone safe.”

As for Scholarship and Awards Night, seniors did not seem to have strong opinions towards it, as it is only directed towards seniors who will be receiving scholarships and awards. Gianna Deveney said it would be “interesting to see.” 

Erika Ashman said that along with the Baccalaureate Ceremony, she thinks Scholarship and Awards Night will “be fun.”

“It’s nice to have events this year where we can all get together,” She said.

It seems the event students are most looking forward to is Senior Reception, as it allows for students who bought prom attire before the pandemic to finally utilize it. 

“I think it’ll be nice to see people in their prom attire,” Uribe said.

Liam Kiernan echoed Uribe’s statement, saying “it’s great that everyone gets the opportunity to wear the clothes they got, and get a chance to have something like prom.”

“I’m excited to wear the prom dress I bought last year,” Katie Merrill said.

“I just have been waiting for prom all year and I’m just excited to have that experience,” Fahey said. “It’s also the day before graduation so it’s one last time together to have fun before we leave. Plus I’m excited to wear my prom dress.”

However, some students weren’t happy about the fact that dancing is not allowed at senior reception, as it would usually be at a prom. 

“I’m upset that there’s not gonna be dancing at senior reception and little stuff like that,” Olivia Vaccari said. “But it’s also understandable why we can’t.”

“It just surprised me because the sports teams don’t need to wear a mask when they practice outside together with barely any social distance,” Bianca Chaves pointed out. “So why can’t our senior class dance together with masks?”

Chaves also said that she “mentioned it once, but an officer told me it was a state rule, but I’ve seen other schools have proms and dance. Nothing ever makes sense with all these rules.”

From the beginning of this school year, the senior class officers have been working hard to make this school year as normal as possible. 

“Of course there has been frustration this whole year with events, as the pandemic has limited what we are allowed to do,” Frias said. “But it is discouraging when we are trying our best to work around regulations and with admin to plan fun things for our class and the feedback we are getting is all about how annoyed everyone is. It is totally acceptable for everyone to express their opinions, but not everyone knows what goes on behind the scenes with planning, so I think we are all a little bit upset about that.”

“There were a lot of things I wish we could have done for the grade,” Class Secretary Kaytlynn Butland said. “But they were vetoed.”

“I’m really happy with the events we’ve created,” Class Treasurer Julia Stukonis said. “We had to push for a lot of these things, and I think we’re all so excited to just be together and not have to worry about school or other things.”

Garrett Landry mentioned that while he felt as though “we’ve been forgotten by adults…our class officers are actually trying their hardest to make our final year memorable, I think they’ve done a good job.”

“It has been very refreshing to see how much the class is in support of what we as class officers do,” Class Treasurer Lilla Gaffney said. “Even though this is a very different senior year, everyone has come together, and I think that mentality will translate into these events.”

With the seemingly mixed opinions, it is clear that every senior is looking forward to the final event: graduation. 

 “I’m glad we get to have a somewhat normal graduation,” Kelly Saliga said. “I’ve worked hard to graduate.”

Calandra also expressed she was excited for graduation, as “It’s relieving to know that we can still get to walk.”

“I am happy we are able to have guests at graduation and sit together,” Butland said.

In regards to all of the senior events, Landry put it best: “Being able to come together as a grade with the end of the pandemic in sight is a huge morale booster.”