High School Adds a New Guitar Class


By Timur Yakupov

Hudson High School started a brand new music class this fall called Guitar/Piano Workshop. Jeannette McLellan and Jason Caron teach these classes. Every student in ninth through twelfth grade interested in music can take these classes.

Junior Shaniece Foreman has been taking piano the whole year. She wants to play outside of school in church. One of her favorite compositions that she is working on is “Für Elise” written by Beethoven.

It is a fun class with many interested students who want to learn how to play piano and guitar.

Senior Mark Kinnucane is another student who likes playing on instruments and enjoying it as you would enjoy a lemonade on a boiling hot day of summer. He finds reading and playing notes the most challenging part of the class.

“I had a guitar at home, but not now,” Mark says. “Once I got mad, so I smashed my guitar against the wall.”

Most of the students touch the guitar for the first time. But the class has one experienced player, Andy Ducey.

“It is a very liberal class, you don’t need to learn too much,” Andy says.

Everyone works on what they want. This class is made up of students of different levels: from those who see the guitar for the first time in their life to those who know how to play.

“It shows the good side of guitar,” Ducey says.

The class meets every other day throughout the whole year in room B112.

“Most schools  are cutting the budget on the music classes like guitar classes. Hudson High School donated about $900 which was spent on the instruments,”  McClellan says.

Also to help the class with storing instruments, Paul D’Alessandro built a shelf, so students would have a space to keep the guitars.

McClellan likes to teach this wonderful music class.

“It is a great job,” she says.

If you want to increase your skills playing guitar or just learn how to play guitar, it is a perfect class to do it.

Don’t miss your chance; sign up for next year.