A German Christmas Tradition


Raclette awaits the family on Christmas Eve. | Photo courtesy of Brooke Patrick

Veronica Mildish, Editor

364 days of the year, the dining table is bare. On Christmas Eve, lies a spread of food different choices, all laying on plates of their own, making the combinations of pickles, meat, potatoes, and so much more for dinner endless.

Raclette is no secret family recipe.

It’s a traditional German meal brought to the Brooke Patrick’s family by her stepdad six years ago.

“We normally do it because my stepdad’s from Germany and that’s what they do there,” said Brooke Patrick, “It’s the biggest part of Christmas where they celebrate it for three days, Christmas Eve’s the biggest part of it.”

The meal isn’t homemade but it covers the table with different options for the family to pick from.

“There’s not much making involved,” Patrick explained, “You basically put everything on little plates and everyone makes their own.”

Traditionally consisting of gooey melted cheese, hearty potatoes, and delicious the meal dates back to the Swiss Alps hundreds of years ago, with time the tradition grew to countries like France and Germany.

The Patrick family takes this and focuses on the meats, cheeses, and vegetables which the family enjoys together.

“My uncle and aunt come over,” said Brooke, and this year her other uncle might be able to stop by between flights he’s piloting.

The family doesn’t see each other often, but when they’re together there’s always a lively conversation happening and there’s always memories being made.

“I remember Jeremy (Brooke’s brother) making pizza with it the whole night,” Patrick laughed, “The family thought he was really weird.”

No matter how weird the family might think Jeremy is, or how goofy the others maybe they all spend Christmas Eve together, as a family creating moments that they’ll remember for years to come.