Flags of colleges students are attending coat the guidance hallway |by Veronica Mildish
Flags of colleges students are attending coat the guidance hallway |by Veronica Mildish

The Futures for Graduates

June 4, 2019

“Graduates, you will see a glimmer in every adult’s eye today, in addition to being proud of you and your academic achievements and accomplishments at Hudson High School you will see our optimism and hope for you and the future in the smiles of your family and neighbors.” – Interim Principal, Mr. Jonathan Bourn

Ana Maria College Frade-Morel, Sadie
Arizona State University Fortuna, Patrick
Assumption College Keller, Logan
Assumption College Martinez, Roberto
Auburn University Fecteau, Jameson
Babson College Person, Timothy
Becker College Knox, Kelson
Bennington College Ducey, Brian
Boston College Desai, Akshay
Boston College Gonzalez, Ryan
Bridgewater State University Nogueira, Amanda
Bridgewater State University O’Brien, Cameron
Bridgewater State University Rosenthal, Ashley
Bryant University Chaves, John
Catherine Hinds Institute Of Esthetics Lento, Brianna
City Year Souza-Weiner, Kyle
Cosmix School of Beauty Sciences Antunes, Lani
Dean College Downing, Shannon
Employment Anderson, Justin
Employment Araujo, Gabriel
Employment Bonina, Joseph
Employment Boule, John
Employment Colena, Kyle
Employment Curtis, Anthony
Employment De Abreu, Breno
Employment De Oliveira Calazans, Kaio
Employment Dias de Oliveira, Thamirys
Employment Diaz Candelaria, Alisha
Employment Gatto, Connor
Employment Hatch, Christopher
Employment Her, Vanfuyette
Employment Jesus, Naubert
Employment Leckrone, Hannah
Employment Lynch, Autumn
Employment Melo, Frederico
Employment Miller, Cody
Employment Morais, Kevin
Employment Oliveira, Guttemberg
Employment Quest, Cameron
Employment Zina, Liam
Endicott College Yates, Jordyn
Evolutions Program Frias, Matthew
Fairfield University Leahy, Megan
Fitchburg State University Nugent, David
Fitchburg State University Walbridge, Jonathan
Framingham State University Clardy, Gabryella
Framingham State University LeMoine, David
Framingham State University Raposeiro, Andreia
Gordon College Chase, Benjamin
Keene State University Rodriguez, Dalicia
Keene State University White, Emily
Liberty University Bobe, John
Marist College Zheng, Harrison
Massachusetts Bay Community College Beserra, Laysse
Massachusetts Bay Community College Camryn Bliss
Massachusetts Bay Community College Castro, Michael
Massachusetts Bay Community College Chaves, Alicia
Massachusetts Bay Community College Civitarese, Jillian
Massachusetts Bay Community College Jackson, Conor
Massachusetts College of Art and Design Rodrigues, Ana Flavia
Massachusetts College of Art and Design Smith, Zoe
MCPH-Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Johnson, Kaylee
Merrimack College Chagnon, Leah
Merrimack College Miranda, Bryce
Merrimack College O’Brien, Hannah
Merrimack College Tambi Jr, Cromwell
Middlesex Community College Abdullah, Abdala
Middlesex Community College Crue, Marissa
Middlesex Community College Santos, Henrique
New England Institute of Technology Coelho, Gabriel
Nichols College DiCarlo, Anthony
Nichols College Fallon, John
Nichols College Rodriguez, Antonio
Nichols College White, Cameron
North Idaho College Watkins, Shane
Northwestern University Morton, Sean
Pennsylvania State University Maiuri, Stefano
Plymouth State University Moran, Rebecca
Providence College Resendes, Alyvia
Providence College Saliga, Kate
Quinnipiac University Carney, Allura
Quinnipiac University Garneau, Brandon
Quinsigamond Community College Abrantes, Anne
Quinsigamond Community College Almeida, Ryan
Quinsigamond Community College Bosio, Patrick
Quinsigamond Community College Contreras, Carolina
Quinsigamond Community College Da Silva, Maria Eduarda
Quinsigamond Community College De Almeida, Mauricio
Quinsigamond Community College De Oliveira, Jennifer
Quinsigamond Community College DeProfio, Jacqueline
Quinsigamond Community College DiPlacido, Ariana
Quinsigamond Community College Figueiredo, Amanda
Quinsigamond Community College Gaudette, Dillon
Quinsigamond Community College Girard, Matthew
Quinsigamond Community College Gomes, Kesia
Quinsigamond Community College Harris, Bryan
Quinsigamond Community College Higgins, Jamie
Quinsigamond Community College Jeudy, Jerry
Quinsigamond Community College Lordeiro, Gabrielle
Quinsigamond Community College McHugh, John
Quinsigamond Community College Monteiro, Erik James
Quinsigamond Community College Monteiro, Michael
Quinsigamond Community College Murphy, Nathan
Quinsigamond Community College Natress, Jacob
Quinsigamond Community College Patel, Hinit
Quinsigamond Community College Proia, Olivia
Quinsigamond Community College Smith, Jared
Quinsigamond Community College Sodano, Lauren
Quinsigamond Community College Thies, Austin
Quinsigamond Community College Velazquez, Mariah
Rhodes College O’Brien, Kristopher
Rob Roy Academy Tavares, Tiago
San Diego State University Miele, Cameron
San Diego State University Terra, Victor
Simmons University Rodrigues, Kayla
Springfield College Chaves, Dominique
Springfield College Pollard, Caroline
Stony Brook University Zheng, Sharon
Suffolk University Chaouieche, Mohamad
Suffolk University DiLauro, Elizabeth
The George Washington University Levine, Maya
The University of Alabama Vaccari, Angelina
The University of Tampa Giberti, Samuel
Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy Bohn, Anna
Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy Cabral, Abigail
University of Massachusetts Amherst Champeau, Jennifer
University of Massachusetts Amherst Garceau, Matthew
University of Massachusetts Boston Young, Kristine
University of Maine Cecelya, Jack
University of Massachusetts Amherst Cellucci, Christopher
University of Massachusetts Amherst Chen, Annie
University of Massachusetts Amherst Desai, Omkar
University of Massachusetts Amherst Dunnell, James
University of Massachusetts Amherst Lenox, Christopher
University of Massachusetts Amherst Mohammed, Safura
University of Massachusetts Amherst Sutton, Darla
University of Massachusetts Amherst Teixeira, Fabiano
University of Massachusetts Amherst Zina, Robert
University of Massachusetts Boston Moudarri, John
University of Massachusetts Boston Stuart, Noah
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Chaves, Celina
University of Massachusetts Lowell Blake, Michael
University of Massachusetts Lowell Hoffmann, Clarissa
University of Massachusetts Lowell Warren, James
University of New Hampshire Caputo, Sofia
University of New Hampshire Griffin, Kasey
University of New Hampshire Jakobsons, Joshua
University of New Hampshire O’Malley, Colleen
University of New Hampshire Sawyer, Trevor
University of New Hampshire Temple, Austin
University of New Haven Kerr, Holly
University of New Haven Czerwinski, Alexandra
University of Rhode Island Bishop, Natalie
University of Rhode Island Collins, Meghan
University of Rhode Island Cowie, Rylee
University of Rhode Island Flood, Natasha
University of Rhode Island Matisko, Rachel
University of Rhode Island Simonenko, Tyler
University of South Carolina Reynolds, Sean
VIA University/Denmark Mackertich, Gregory
Westfield State University Cammarata, Joseph
Westfield State University Chaves, Mackenzie
Westfield State University Cole, Caitlyn
Westfield State University Costa, Matthew
Westfield State University Locke, Chloe
Westfield State University Sniffin, Gregory
Wheaton College Janeiro, Nicole
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Togneri, Sophia
Worcester State University Barry, Jake
Worcester State University Freitas, Julia
Worcester State University Solimine, Taylor
Worcester State University Sourial, Michael


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