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14 Ways to Breakup With your Significant Other Before Valentines Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, not everyone is excited to celebrate the holiday. Here are some creative ways to end a not so great relationship.

Through a Friend A friend is always a good source they can say a quick goodbye for you and then your now ex has a shoulder to cry on!



Through a Friend

A friend is always a good source to do your dirty work when you are just too busy to break up with your bae. He or she can say a quick goodbye for you, plus now ex has a shoulder to cry on when they get the news!





A breakup sign sits on a locker. | by Kelia Lopez-Champage




Make a Sign

Everyone uses signs for Promposals, so why not use it for the exact opposite?




A breakup declared on snapchat. | by Veronica Mildish






Post it on your Snap

With every teen on their phones nowadays, they’ll definitely see it within a couple minutes…although it will probaly end your couple’s streak.






A breakup resides on the Instagram feed. | by Veronica Mildish






Post on Instagram

Like the Snap option, this will provide a quick view, where you’ll be able to get LOADS of likes!






A broken heart created from a facebook live stream. | by Veronica Mildish






Live Stream it on Facebook

This is a great way to get the news out to not only your ex, but also to the fun aunt who always comments on your selfies.




A viral tweet from a tragic breakup. | by Veronica Mildish




Tweet it!

If you take this route then you could have your tweet go viral!




Listening to “thank you next” on repeat. | by Veronica Mildish




Play Ariana Grande’s “thank u next” on Repeat until they get the Hint

Everyone loves this catchy song why not use it to not only ruin it for your Ex but also break up with them like you would if you were in High School Musical








Breakup via jumbotron. | Photo taken from Google



Use a Jumbotron

Everyone loves being on the jumbotron, so this will make so many memories for not only them, but the whole stadium!




A mom with her son. | Photo taken from Google



Have your mom call his or her mom

Mom’s are the best, and they have a way of breaking hard news. Plus, it’ll help them cope if you bring mom in to break the news, make it a family bonding moment!



A pigeon soars through the sky. | Image taken from Google



Send a Letter on a Pigeon

This may seem a little old fashion, but who doesn’t love a sweet little bird bringing you a message.



A homemade music video. | by Veronica Mildish




Make a Music Video

This is the easiest way to make your break up viral, and though they may be sad from the heartbreaking news, they’ll appreciate the hard work you did.




The beginning of an Anti-Love story. | by Veronica Mildish




Write a Story About it

Just like Romeo and Juliet, it will end with a sad note, but at least it will be a beautiful love story that can go down in history.




An amazing R.A.F.T. | by Veronica Mildish




Make a R.A.F.T.

A high school classic option, it appeals to teachers and some go-getter students, so if your soon to be Ex is into that sort of thing than this is the perfect option for you.





Explaining that you have to breakup with your significant other. | by Veronica Mildish


Do it in Person

A classic, boring, but genuine way, and really the only way you on this list that you should be using (Just in case you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm of this humorous post). If you want to break up with someone, doing it in person is the humane way to do it. It’s important that you are still kind to them, especially if they’re still your lab partner. There’s no reason to be rude and cut someone out of your life with no appropriate explanation.




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