Secret Christmas Cookies


A new batch of chocolate chip cookies. | photo from Google Images

Paige Thomason, Staff Writer

It is a beautiful time of the year filled with seeing loved ones and warmth, and lots of baking. Gracyn Thomason bakes the same chocolate chip cookies every year as a tradition. After every batch they are given out to family and friends.

These cookies are mainly made around Christmas. To spread spirit and joy. They are brought to family parties, eaten in seconds. No one can stay away from them. But everytime someone asks for the recipe, Thomason won’t give it out.

“It’s a secret,” Thomason explained.

Though the recipe may be a secret the memories that have been made aren’t.

“When I was little I would always spill flour all over the place,” Thomason said.

Baking is considered a little kids favorite activity because of how messy it gets.

“My mom wants to pass the baking tradition down and passed it on to me so I could pass it to my children,” she explained.

Passing down traditions is a heartwarming moment, especially when stories are passed onto children whether they are yours or your moms.

“It is a tradition,” Thomason remarked, “A very special one too.”