Veronica Mildish
Veronica Mildish, class of 2021, is the Editor-in-Chief for The Big Red.  Mildish's extracurriculars over the past four years at HHS have included The National Honors Society, Drama Society and the acapella group Hudson High Notes. Outside of school, she dances Irish Step, hip-hop, modern, jazz, tap and musical theatre, just to name a few. After high school, the junior is contemplating going into business. Veronica has been writing for The Big Red for the last three years. Through her experiences, she has become an excellent writer, a seasoned photographer, and deliberate in with the nuanced communicator to her staff of reporters. She is a very experienced journalist who likes how she is able to talk to new people and interact as well as have a leadership role that other classes may not offer.

Veronica Mildish, Editor-in-Chief

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