Triniti Classen
Starting a new path as a journalist Triniti Classen, class of 2023 is taking the full-year course as a freshman. Classen is interested in the news and film and is interested in writing documentaries about current events. She started dancing at a young age and has been dancing at Center Stage her entire life. She dances after school, practicing ballet, hip-hop, jazz and much more.  Classen is hoping to take on a big career involving dance and a news reporter. She also spends her time writing and directing after she took a drama course here at HHS during the 8th-grade year. 100% Italian, Classen and was born outside of Boston and has lived in Hudson her whole life. Classen is interested in informing people about what is going on in the world and the lives that make up these stories.


Triniti Classen, Staff Writer

Nov 13, 2019
Medeiros Responds to Student Rally (Story)