In the Ring With Hailey Cancel

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In the Ring With Hailey Cancel

Hailey Cancel Poses at meet  | Photo by Cancel

Hailey Cancel Poses at meet | Photo by Cancel

Hailey Cancel Poses at meet | Photo by Cancel

Hailey Cancel Poses at meet | Photo by Cancel

Brianna Devlin, Photo Editor

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8th grader Hailey Cancel has spent her time doing dance, basketball, and cheerleading. What many people might not know is that she is a champion boxer who first stepped into the ring when she was three.

Hailey Cancel throws punches at an opposing player | Photo by Cancel

Practicing five to six times a week for two hours or more, she boxes in her home town of Hudson.

“I fight out of The Hudson Police athletic lead. It’s been around for about 20 years it’s just not that known. Recently we’ve had a lot of new kids come.”

Cancel aspires to continue boxing as a career.

“My goal is to get into the 2024 Olympics,” Cancel explains, “I want to help out with the boxing community and become a judge for fights and stuff or a referee.”

Her dad has made a big impact on boxing in her life.

“My father inspired me because he used to do it,” Cancel told, “I started training when I was three but I started competing when I was nine.”

In addition to her father getting her into the sport, he is also her coach.

Hailey Cancel shows off championship belt | photo courtesy of Hailey Cancel

“He’s very tough. He doesn’t like to hear you say you can’t do something and he pushes you to work hard but he’s also really understanding.”

Consequently, having a family member as your coach can be difficult.

“After sparring, we’ll be coming back and boxing is always the topic after we’re done. Even at home, it’s always boxing.” Cancel continues, “Sometimes it’s difficult because I’ll want to talk about something else and he’ll just want to talk about what I did good or what I did wrong in sparring.”

Along with the difficult training, she juggles school responsibilities as well.

“I’ve had some trouble but I’ve learned how to cover it. So I’ll do my work right when I get home from school and then go to the gym and once I come back I’ll do the rest of it.”

As she continues her training, she notes that this is unlike any activity she’s practiced.

“It’s not even really a sport because most sports you’re not getting punched in the face for fun. You’re getting punched in the face every day and you just gotta suck it up.”