Artist of the week: Michaela Savell


 “The world died ten years ago. It was nothing but a depleted corpse the year following, filled with burnt fragments of life passed. The ashes were washed away by the rain, but the souls of the city were stained.” – an excerpt from Savell’s story “Healing.”

For the second year in a row Michaela Savell placed in the National Scholastic Writing competition. I recently caught up with her, to see how she has reacted to the news, and how all this has changed her writing.

 Q: What exactly did you win, in this year’s Scholastic Writing competition?

A: I won the Silver Key, which meant I could go to Boston for an awards meeting.

Q: How did you react when you won the award?

A: I was excited. I had stayed at home and kept on refreshing my computer, and then my name popped up. I called up my friend because she had won, too.

Q: What was your story about?

A: My story was about a Southern woman and just a look into her life. I wrote it the night before, and it was rushed.

Q:What did you focus on as a beginning writer?

A: I started off by re-writing the ends to a story, because often times I wasn’t content with the ending to the book I read.

Q: Do you look forward to entering again next year?

A: Yes the contest is a good challenge, and keeps me writing. I can’t wait to enter again.