Fall into a Great Weekend

Fall into a Great Weekend

by Jade Chaves

Summer is over and leaves us with fall. School is getting busy, and it’s hard to fit everything into your crazy schedule. The only days you have to yourself are Saturday and Sunday. In the summer there was so much to do, but now that the crisp fall weather is here you feel as if you are limited. There is no way you are spending your valuable weekend sitting in your house though.

If you need some ideas of things to do, then you have come to the right place! Here is your guide to a perfect fall weekend:


After a long week of waking up early for school and work, you deserve a day or two to sleep in. Use today to catch up on some sleep, but be sure not to waste your whole morning in slumber. When you decide to wake up, start the day off with a good breakfast. Here’s an idea: make some chocolate chip pankcakes and to add a fall twist, top it off with maple syrup and a refreshing glass of apple cider.

After that, spend the rest of your morning enjoying the fact that you’re not in class. World history teacher Ken High describes his perfect, stress-free fall weekend. “My perfect fall weekend would have to be… well, there’s no grading!” says High.

The afternoon is when things really start to get fun. Now that you have had breakfast and a good night’s sleep, you are ready to start your day. Throw on your favorite outfit and call up a couple of friends. Let them know that today will be spent at festivals and awesome fall events.

There are so many events that take place throughout the season, but the two most recommended are Wachusett Applefest and the Hudson Pumpkin Fest. It’s a tradition for sophomore Emily Daugherty to attend the Wachusett Applefest every year.

“There’s so much to do there. Everything from a thrilling ski lift to getting inches away from a real life bear,” says Daugherty.

Every year Emily enjoys the Applefest in a different way. Last year was her favorite year yet though. She started off by walking through the market full of handmade crafts. Even though she didn’t buy anything it was still cool to look at all the different creations. After that, she and her sister went to the top of the mountain where they saw a beautiful view of Boston. Then, they decided to go on the twenty minute ski lift that went up the mountain and back down.

“The view was amazing. I got so many great pictures, and just the fact that we were so high in the air made it fun,” says Daugherty.

To top off the trip, Emily visited the bear locked in a cage and saw some ice sculptures.

“The Applefest is great, but there is one downside: It’s freezing! If you decide to go, dress warmly. Believe me, you won’t regret it,” explains Daugherty.

The Hudson Pumpkin Fest is also a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon on October 15. A small admission price will get you a live band, moon bounces, a firework display, a magician, and interactive games.

The Pumpkin Fest or Applefest were fun for the afternoon, but Witch’s Woods is a great place to spend your night!

Witch’s Woods is a scream park full of haunted houses, hayrides, and entertainment. Two of the best haunted houses are the 3D Keepers Crypt and Castle Morbid. Also, the twenty minute haunted hayride takes you through the woods of Nashoba Valley and is full of many spooky surprises. When you arrive, anything from zombies to unknown creatures will be there to greet you- watch your back at all times!

Now that’s a perfect Saturday in fall.


After a long Saturday night with friends this is your chance to catch up on sleep. Once you wake up, whip up a good breakfast to get yourself ready for day two. Maybe today you’re just going to have some of that left over apple pie mom made the day before; don’t forget the whip cream!

Now that you are energized and ready for the day, spend your Sunday afternoon relaxing with family and friends. Maybe you could have a movie day or decorate the house for Halloween. If your family normally has a big Sunday dinner, help prepare it.

Instead of just buying pumpkins and putting them on your steps, have some fun carving faces into them. Cook the pumpkin seeds and add a little salt to enjoy a nice fall snack. If you have an extra pumpkin, look up the recipe and make pumpkin pie.

After a fun afternoon, night begins to fall once again. You are getting a little discouraged because your friends have to leave and there’s school tomorrow. Make the best of this Sunday night; have a bonfire with your family. Grab the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to enjoy some tasty s’mores. Take this time to wind down and relax. Even though this weekend has come to an end, just remember, it will be Friday again before you know it!

Now that’s a perfect fall weekend.